Document (125)The Choctaw and The Chicksaw Indians inhabited the land where Union is now located. The Chicksaw Indians eventually moved into the adjoining county of Winston,: but the Choctaw Indians still remain in Neshoba and Newton counties.

By late spring of 1833, the small village became a thriving little town and the Courthouse of Neshoba was placed there.  At a public meeting the people agreed to build one church and wor­ship together.  The church was given the name of Union Church. As time marched on, people started ^calling the village Union. A school was organized and a small building was erected.

In 1835 Boler’s Inn was built by Wesley Boler arid became one of the original stops for the Stage Coach Line that ran from Jackson to Meridian along the Old Jackson Road. At that time, Union was part of Neshoba County and the Neshoba Courthouse, which was a log cabin with a dirt floor, was in Union.

Document (127)On February 25, 1836, however, three men William Donalson, Michael Thomas and Frances Jones, were given power by the legislature to make a new county and call it Newton in honor of Sir Issac Newton, the great scientist and philosopher. The new courthouse would be in Decatur and the town of Union was to be a part of the new county.

From 1836 to 1860, Union went through a period of growth, a post office was built, and there were four stores, owned by Viverett, Lewis, Cleveland, and Portis. Union began to take on the appearance of a real town when in 1861 came the call to arms for the War Between the States.

Document (129)General Sherman and his Army entered Union.  It was re­ported, and legend has it, that when Sherman learned the name of the town, he gave orders for the village not to be destroyed because the Union was what they were all fighting to save. Sherman and his troops spent the night in Union, with their headquarters being at Boler’s Inn. The Inn, built in 1835, is still standing today.

In 1905, the first railroad was completed to Union from the South.  Later, the railroad was built to Louisville and a few years later the GM&O built a railroad from Meridian to Jackson running through Union.  The town was moving closer to the railroad, and this gave Union a great boost.

Document (128)The Peoples’ Bank was organized by a group of business men in 1919, and has grown to become the People’s Bank of Mississippi National Association.

Around 1910, the first newspaper was published in Union. It was owned and operated by Barney Johnson and called the “Union Advocate”.  As the paper changed hands the name changed to “The Union News,” but is now the “Union Appeal.”

Document (130)The town of Union was charted in 1905 and has a Mayor, Board of Alderman form of Government. In 1927, the town Board started paving the streets of town.  This work is continuing as needed today. Captain A.B. Hunter donated the first land for a cemetery, and the town bought additional acres. Today Union Memorial Park is a well kept resting place for many loved ones of the people of Union.

In 1933 land was purchased outside to town for an airport. Adjoining this land is a modern nine-hole golf course.

The Town of Union celebrated its 100th Birthday in April 1934 It was estimated that some five thousand people joined in the celebration.

In 1938 Dr. E.L. Laird established the first hospital, a 10 bed hospital in a home on Peachtree Street.  A 25 bed hospital was built in 1939 and 3 additions have made Union a 41 bed hospital and clinic.

Document (126)A factory for weaving cloth was started in the early forties later known as Lebanan Manufacturing Company and in 1954 The Midland Shirt Factory.

J.A. Buckwater came to Union in 1908 and established Buckwalter’s Lumber Company.    Buckwalter sold to W.P. Cassel and the named changed to Prath Lumber Company.  After Casselfs death in 1963, the company was sold at auction but was later rebuilt by his son W.S. Cassel.  In 1975 Cleveland and Cleveland formed Tri-C Wood Products Inc.  Tri C now manufactures toy wagon bodies.

First peopleHilltop Manor Nursing Home opened 1972.  Union Asphalt Company was formed in 1972.

Union also owns a 70 acre park for the attraction of new industry.

Centur Insulation, which produces a variety of products, began operation in November 1977.

A new Public Library headquarters for the Kemper-Newton Regional Library System.

Union has a cable television system, a $1,000,000 sewer system extension and water treatment facility, a new National Guard Armory, two recreation parks, a downtown Mini-Park, two funeral homes, two Banking facilities, a new post office, excellent transportation facilities, with growing capacities for the people of Union, Mississippi.

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